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wasp nest removal Halifax


Here in Halifax and Huddersfield, pest control for wasps is at it's height over the summer. They can be a nuisance and over the course of a few months their nests get bigger and there's more chance of you getting stung. They can turn a lovely scenic area or room into a no-go area in just a few weeks. We have the ability to eradicate Wasps Nests on Domestic Properties and Commercial Buildings using traditional methods but also high tech telescopic equipment. Each additional Nest treated on the same visit can cost only a third of the price of the first. We specialise in wasp nest removal and will always attempt to, if the nest is visible.

Numerous types of procedures and treatments are possible to eradicate wasps and If we can see the whole nest, wasp nest removal can sometimes be possible without even using Pesticides, using Industrial Contraction.

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Rat Control Halifax

Rats and Mice

Numerous Internal and External treatments are available for Rodents...
Our service for Rats and Mice is focused and we meticulously investigate to try to get to the root of the problem instead of just laying bait and returning to see whats eaten it. Most mouse issues are due to exterior defects which we can rectify and most Rat infestations are due to faulty drainage so when we do treatments for Rats, we offer a subsidised CCTV drain survey to fully map your drainage system, which can uncover gaps, cracks, misaligned pipework and redundant drains. We have all the equipment required to investigate and we aim to stop your infestations for good, not just for a few months.

We also offer a Proofing service too (see below)

Pest Control Contract Haliax

Commercial Service

All businesses would prefer to be Pest free, but running a establishment and dealing with other issues like Rats, Mice and Insects can be time consuming and sometimes legislation even prevents you from doing it yourself.

With our annual Contract cover, Vespa can help protect your business from Pests by providing a permanent monitoring service. Highest level Qualifications, Bi-monthly investigations and included call-outs are all things that can provide your business with the protection you need to adhere to UK law, especially in the food sector (Food Safety Act 1990, Food Hygiene Regulations 2005, Regulation (EC) 178/2002 of the European Parliament, Regulation (EC) 852/2004, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) & HaCCP Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

We have nearly 2 decades of experience working with Environmental Services organisations and are fully conversant with current legal standards within our sector.

When under Contract, we provide our customers with all the documentation needed to comply with Local Government standards and when required, can liasie with them accordingly. This provides a buffer between our customers and any governing body, giving them the peace of mind that they are complying with law but also keeping their property free of unwanted visitors.

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honey bee


We can help you identify whether you have Bees or Wasps and given the right circumstances, some Bees nests or swarms can be removed and relocated.
Some Bees are endangered and numbers are declining so especially Bumble Bees outside, perhaps in a bird box or in the ground, our advise would be to rellocate them if possible. This is different from wasps nest removal as the colony usually survives. We do our best to protect Honey Bees and Bumble Bees and every other Bee species in between. They are not aggressive the same way that wasps are and will happily fly around you. In the same situation a wasp may sting, to move you out of the way.

virus bacteria decontamination halifax

Viral and Bacterial Decontamination

Now, more than ever, we as a country feel the need to be safe in our homes and places of work. Trying to clean the area you spend your time in with 100% efficiency can be near impossible and with the best will in the world, decontaminating every nook and cranny is impractical.

As well as pest control in Halifax we also can sanitise your building. We provide a service that can get where you can't. We use specialised Fogging and Electrostatic Spraying equipment and Industry leading Decontaminant Formulations to sanitize all kinds of areas, from Homes to Offices.

In a well ordered, tidy house we can normally be finished within the hour (product kills 99.99% of Viruses and Bacteria including Covid-19)

ants removal halifax

Insects and Spiders

As well as Wasps, we can provide treatments for Ants, Cockroaches, Fleas, Flies, Bed Bugs, Silverfish, Woodlice, Stored Product Insects (SPI's), different species of Spiders and many more. Costing for these treatments is only a phone call away.
We only use the industry's latest trusted Traps, Solutions, Gels and Powders.

rodent proofing halifax

Rodent Proofing Service

Pest control is not just about laying bait and returning to check it. When a customer asks us to investigate for an infestatation of Rats or Mice we can take the information from our investigation and can devise a plan to stop their access. This may be as simple as blocking up small holes or meshing larger ones to suggesting groundworks when Surveying has showed up problems beneath the ground.